Hôtel Numéro 25 


2 acts and 5 years since our last release. We sincerely apologise that you had to wait that long. We're glad to present you our new songs and can't wait to share them with you. - Hôtel Numero 25 - will be the name of the upcoming masterpiece. Gilles Scaccia and Carlo Schmitz worked days and nights just to get the artwork done. We really think their hard work was worth it. Isn't it?

Le Captain 

2 month in the focus of - Le Captain - The new single of “Hotel Numéro 25” seemed the perfect song for the first The Disliked Videoclip ever. While writing the screenplay with Gilles Scaccia, a young and talented artist at 1535 in Differdange, Piedy double P entered the room. He was the perfect caracter for the role of the protagonist. Laurence, a long time friend took over the role of the main supporting actor. It was a nice experience and we met a hell lot of new friends. Thx to everyone involved.


Kai Selassie 

First there were Drums. Then there was Bass. Then there were Guitars. Then you record the Trompet. Then you do lead vocals. Then you do backings. Then you arrange the songs with keyboards, drum pad and percussion. Then it’s up to Kai to mix and master the songs. And you need to pay the recording. Probably you shouldn’t think too much about the bills when you record an album. There’s another story. Raph, Jean, Cédric and Laurent went to the Last Summer Dance Festival to have a good time. After some drinks, the organiser told a friend of ours, his name is Rick, that the headliner couldn’t play. Rick told him that d’Jongen could play, they would always be happy to play a show without instruments and rehearsals. 01:00 The Disliked on stage playing on The Nevermind’s guitars. It was a great evening. We only had one condition: Free drinks for our friends the whole evening.

Rehearsing. Rehearsing. Rehearsing. 

Rehearsing. Rehearsing. Rehearsing. Preproduction. Preproduction. Preproduction. Arrangement. Arrangement. Arrangement. When you’re waiting to record a new Album: You try something new. You give your best. You yell at each other to get the best out of everybody involved in the band. You want to go home. You need to stay. You’re sucked. And then you’re ready to record.


Kehlen Rocks 

Kehlen Rocks. Playing a festival is what we can do best. But with around 10 degrees, this was probably the coldest summer show we’ve have played in the last couple of years. Jumping around on stage is part of the show, but this time jumping had another goal: Not to freeze. But hey, the show was great. Thx to Mamba and the whole Kehlen Rocks Team for the good food and the nice festival ambiance. By the way, it was a great opportunity to test some new songs in a live setting. Can’t wait to hit the Kohlekeller in August again. Kai is waiting for us to record some Reggae and Hip Hop beats after being exposed to Metal for 90% of his time.

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Hôtel Numéro 25: CD
  • Hôtel Numéro 25: CD Hôtel Numéro 25: CD Hôtel Numéro 25: CD Hôtel Numéro 25: CD Hôtel Numéro 25: CD Hôtel Numéro 25: CD Hôtel Numéro 25: CD Hôtel Numéro 25: CD Hôtel Numéro 25: CD Hôtel Numéro 25: CD

Hôtel Numéro 25: CD

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Hôtel Numéro 25. A place where we meet. A place for you and me and for everybody else. A place where stories are told. A place where the unexpected happens. A place where you can stay. The Disliked. A band. A collective. Friends. Mr Rhino. Your choice.