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Let’s get back to business! The Disliked will play a very special gig in a small venue very soon. In order to give everybody the chance to be a part of it, you can subscribe to our newsletter until the end of January. You’ll have the chance to buy the tickets before we announce the venue and the date officially. Please spread the message, it’s been too long since we last met. Until then we will do what we did for the last 10 years, rehearse, rehearse and guess what?... rehearse! 



We know it's been a long time but don't worry, The Disliked will be back on stage in 2013. Tomorrow we'll move into our winter residence in Wiltz in order to finish our new songs. So be ready to dance to the last reggae song of the night...



WE ARE still breathing! Next week we will move for 9 days into our spiritual winter residence in Wooltz in order to work on a new album. For those who want to see THE DISLIKED live this year: We will play a unique show on Titail Rock in our beloved Flanders on March 31st. A very wise man once said: "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams". Thank you.

WE ARE...2012 

Sometimes it takes some time to accept things how they are. But "WE ARE" and will probably be for a long time. Currently we are working on a new project and perhaps we'll play some very few shows next year. Every single one of us has to deal with life and paths are taking different directions. But we all believe in our collective in which we have believed in since we were teenagers. We don't know when we will be ready to record a new album, but we will and the Album has to and will be something great. The Disliked. Raph, Laurent, Jean, Pascal, Chilles, Piedy, Cédric

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Hôtel Numéro 25: CD
  • Hôtel Numéro 25: CD Hôtel Numéro 25: CD Hôtel Numéro 25: CD Hôtel Numéro 25: CD Hôtel Numéro 25: CD Hôtel Numéro 25: CD Hôtel Numéro 25: CD Hôtel Numéro 25: CD Hôtel Numéro 25: CD Hôtel Numéro 25: CD

Hôtel Numéro 25: CD

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Hôtel Numéro 25. A place where we meet. A place for you and me and for everybody else. A place where stories are told. A place where the unexpected happens. A place where you can stay. The Disliked. A band. A collective. Friends. Mr Rhino. Your choice.