Start something, bring it to an end and then…? See what happens! And then? Live with the consequences. Residing in various European cities, music marks the crossroads of the band members’ lives. It’s the nexus holding them together.

Just like the expansion of the universe started some 14 billion years ago, so did Hotel Numero 25. There was this sudden bang in Act 1. 2011 was the year. It was yet another metamorphosis within this ever-changing organism. The evolutionary starting point was 2002, however. Writing “Fresh Trash” was like mankind discovering how to light a fire. “My Parents went to Eldorado an all I got was this lousy Cadillac” saw the boys building their empire. With “The Royal Show” Lord Cambelot called them forth to the Age of Enlightenment.

Is this the end of the line, then? No sense but nonsense? NO! Like our drunk uncle Will always used to say:”If Music be the food of love, play on.” Right on! There are no reservations for Hotel Numero 25. The band wants to create a place which everybody can join by merely bringing his own spirit. The so-called 'shadowy guests' personally create the breeding ground for the show. That’s why the band never knows what’s going to happen at the end of the last reggae song of the night.