Kai Selassie

First there were Drums. Then there was Bass. Then there were Guitars. Then you record the Trompet. Then you do lead vocals. Then you do backings. Then you arrange the songs with keyboards, drum pad and percussion. Then it’s up to Kai to mix and master the songs. And you need to pay the recording. Probably you shouldn’t think too much about the bills when you record an album. There’s another story. Raph, Jean, Cédric and Laurent went to the Last Summer Dance Festival to have a good time. After some drinks, the organiser told a friend of ours, his name is Rick, that the headliner couldn’t play. Rick told him that d’Jongen could play, they would always be happy to play a show without instruments and rehearsals. 01:00 The Disliked on stage playing on The Nevermind’s guitars. It was a great evening. We only had one condition: Free drinks for our friends the whole evening.

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