Play-A Tour Documentary

Be part of the family. All summer long, the Disliked was followed by Sam Flammangs camera which captured all the details of the bands inner workings. For 13 years, we played countless shows but Play-a-Tour will be remembered as something special. Caught between band aspirations, idealism and real world jobs, the band engages in a soul-finding journey in sunny Southern France. Be part of the quest.

Hi Again

Hi Again. The 2nd single of The Disliked’s -Hôtel Numéro 25-. 
Visualised in Vienna by M&Mvideos.

Le Captain

- Le Captain - is the first Single of The Disliked’s new Album “Hôtel Numéro 25” which will be released in January 2015. - Le Captain - tells the story of a character who, in the face of personal questions and the weight of his duties towards society, evolves into decadence.

Short time Documentary, 2010

This is a documentary, shot in November 2010, during a recording session at HOLTZ studios in Tuntange. Xavier and Max, with their project "It's a known pleasure" did an awesome job and showed the Disliked, Paul, Jacques and Charles from a very personal point of view. This might be the best documentary about the Disliked so far.

The Disliked Music Video

First Video Clip ever! My Profile, showing the Disliked live at the Ska Punk Festival 2007 and in their rehearsal room at the Kulturfabrik in Esch/Alzette.

Unplugged diary, 2008

In May 2008, we were asked to play an unplugged show at the Inouï in Redange. It's obvious, that an unplugged show for a Ska Punk band is a hard piece of work. These 3 diaries, a self documentation, show how the Disliked prepared these shows, providing the base, for their live unplugged Album "The Royal Show".

The Disliked Flashclips

Ladies and Gentleman, and here they are, THEEEEE DISLIIIIIIIIIIIIKED. First live Rhino ever.

The Disliked 1.1

Pure live energy...

A short part of "Mary" live

The Disliked Interview

A swimming Van, to say "Hello" to Ivy in New Zealand. Interview and live pics from our show at the Fete de la musique in Dudelange in 2010.